The GoAhead Ventures Deal Process

Step 1: You are here!

Complete our 1-way pitch which will be reviewed by all 3 of our managing partners. We encourage you not to overthink these questions, we are looking for candid answers. We invest in people not business scripts, this is why our 1-way pitch is more of an “interview” format.

Step 2

We will get back to you within 3 days of your submission. For those of you that we would like to take to the next step, we will set up a Zoom meeting for a full partner pitch. That means that our full partnership here at GoAhead will join and we ask that you and your co-founders join for a deep dive meeting to learn more.

Step 3

Within 2 days of our Zoom meeting, we will get back to you with either a “pass” for now or with the final step of our process – our brief Diligence Questionnaire. Upon completing this questionairre you will be entered into our decision queue for that week. We release all of our decisions (in the form of a termsheet or a “pass”) for companies that have completed these steps on Thursdays at 5pm Pacific each week. We require replies by the following Monday at 5pm Pacific.

We give you an answer FAST

Assuming that a startup moves at an average pace through the steps above, our process takes 2 weeks from submitting this 1-way pitch to receiving a potential termsheet! So with that being said, please “go ahead” and submit your pitch below by clicking next after entering in all pertinent details! We look forward to reviewing it and we appreciate your time & effort in our process.

    GoAhead Investment Criteria:

  • Our investment focus is pre-seed and seed stage companies.
  • We cover ALL sectors and ALL geographies.
  • We are founder-focused. We invest in people first and foremost, which is why we have opened up and democratized our process.
  • We typically lead early stage deals with checks anywhere from $200k to $1M. Our investment amount and pricing is dictated by our internal pricing models rather than on extrinsic factors.
  • If you feel that you are on the periphery of our investment parameters we encourage you to still apply! All 3 of our Managing Partners review every submission and as a startup ourselves we remain very open minded when reviewing founder submissions.

    GoAhead Ventures 2020: The Numbers

  • Raised our new $57M Early Stage Fund, “GoAhead Ventures II”
  • Led 40+ deals into early stage companies
  • Kicked off our University Scout program which is a first-of-its-kind in structure. Through this program, we actually give students a chance to earn real equity in deals that they refer to GoAhead. (Calling all students, see here to apply & learn more!)
  • Met over 1,000 talented founders with our 3-person team and continued to learn more every day throughout the process.