At GoAhead Ventures, we aim to break the Venture Capital mold! As such, we’ve created a streamlined process for meeting & investing in companies starting with a 1-way video pitch. All 3 of our managing partners review every submission and all companies that we invest in will go through this funnel so as to keep everyone on an equal playing field. From this pitch to an ultimate decision we keep our process to ~6 days.


To contact GoAhead Ventures regarding other areas, including investor relations, email


If you're a student or recent grad that is interested in breaking into the startup/VC ecosystem, feel free to submit your information below. We are looking for individuals with an interest in tech/startups to become GoAhead Scouts. Through this program, Scouts are able to:

  • Source deals for GoAhead and witness the venture investing process from start to finish.
  • Have conversations and network with founders, VCs, and others in the startup ecosystem.
  • Learn about Venture in a hands-on way by engaging with our partners here at GoAhead.
Please apply here if interested.

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